Remote Editing: The Future of Pandemic Content

Written by Renegade Productions August 20, 2020

At Renegade, our post-production team is dedicated to maximizing the results of your content strategy. Their expertise in software like AVID, Premiere, and After Effects draw in increased engagement and follow through. This promise is delivered whether you have worked on a set with our production team, brought in your own footage, or worked with us to create an original animated graphics video. With the new normal of COVID-19, working in person with our editors in our high-end editing suites could be a risk you do not want to take. Whether due to COVID-19 or because you live on the other side of the country, we have the perfect solution. Simply by using user-friendly apps like Zoom or Microsoft Teams, we can now stream our full editing experience into your socially distant workspace of choice!

As you can see above, our remote editing capabilities allow us to directly stream our reference feed into your personal device. This empowers your brand’s direct editing oversight, without having to take unnecessary health risks or travel long distances. Video, audio, and editor communication are streamed in high definition to your home workstation or your company’s conference room for group supervision. This allows a full exchange of input and ideas for your creative direction.

In the photo above, a graphics video is being streamed in high definition straight into Microsoft Teams from our editor in our editing suite. Allowing creative departments across the country to effortlessly stream high-definition renders straight to their personal workspace.

Remote editing is so convenient and efficient, you will be asking for it long after COVID is behind us.

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